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We all started somewhere.

  • Movie Crew


    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started out as a film production shop. After some short films, music videos, some feature films, and some awards, we realized that casting is really, really difficult, especially when you have to wear so many hats. So, we got out our programming skills, and made a database of actors and roles.

  • A website is born

    April 2007

    A website is born

    The first itteration of the site was simply a list of actors that could upload their headshots, resumes, and videos, YouTube style. With this new resource, they could promote themselves on the front end while we produced with them in the backend.

  • The website was reborn

    October 2012

    The website was reborn

    After a long pause, researching new technologies to gear up for the next generation of super web browsers that could handle Web RTC standards, development sprung into action and made the first revision of the online casting tool, without recordable features.

  • A full suite of production tools

    January 2014

    A full suite of production tools

    Four itterations later, we now have a complete casting solution for any casting director, or independent film maker. Psst, don't tell anyone, but we also have a script writing tool on the site. More tools to come to help your production be stellar!

  • The team at work

    Novemberr 2015

    SEO kicks in

    Teaming up with a couple of great guys, Jeff and Jared, we kicked the site in high gear. Hired Kim, the designer to redo the theme and look, and tons of auditions for actors to find.

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Our Amazing Team

Contrasting skills that complement.

George Butiri, Lead Developer


CTO + Founder

Orange County, CA

Jeff Grant, SEO



Los Angeles, CA

Courtney Porter, Marketing Director



Orange County, CA

Adriana Butiri, Lead Marketer


Office Manager

Orange County, CA

Kitty, Office Cat


Office Cat

Orange County, CA

"Together, we'll take over the world... but first, we have to finish this website."

- The Team