Actor: Roxanne Poe

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Actor: Roxanne Poe

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Roxanne Poe

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I started acting at age 8 when i played Scout in a theater production of To Kill a Mockingbird. I was in the cast of Jonah at Sight and Sound Theater, one of Branson's largest theaters. Ive also done a few commercials for Silver do─║lar city and i recently did a PSA/commercial for the city of springfield about fire safety ossues. Ive also been in several community theater productions. I love acting and have been told that my roles are very believable and that i actually "become" the charachter i am portraying. I have also been complimented for being very professional acting whioenon set. church drama team productions

Film Experience 8

TV Experience

Has done 4 commercials; 2 for Silver Dollar City, one for City of Springfield, and another for Shooting for the Stars mini golf.

Theater Experience

Jonah st sight and sound theater in Brsnson, Mo. Plus many community theater, church drama team, and school drama club productions, including To Kill a Mockingbird, Yes Virginia, the musical, Music Man, Jr., Children of Eden, Snowdeer, Anne of Green Gables musical, Pinocchio, Women at the Well Easter play, Hotter than Helll (role of Sabrina Carpenter) production,

and Jonah.


Is currently in 8th grade at Branson Jr. HIGH. Takes dance and musical theater training as well as acting classes.


Can solve a rubiks cube in under 1 minute, fairly fluent in ASL (and still learning). I also play basketball, soccer, track, dance etc. Can do british and southern accents. Learning to juggle as well. I am also super fast at leanning lines.