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Actor: Diane Li

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5' 2" ( 1.57 m )
105 lbs (47.6 kg)
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Actor, Dancer, Singer, Musician
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Diane Li

In my own words

“When words fail, music speaks” – Hans Christina Anderson. Diane Li, 13, has a passion for musical theatre and dreams on being on Broadway. She is a young artist based in Miami, Florida. Diane began to learn music ever since she was just 5 years old. When she was little, she would play all of the Disney princess soundtracks on repeat and sing them day and night. Now she enjoys all types of music genres and arts. Diane has had many accomplishments throughout her music career. She loves performing in front of crowds. Her favorite feeling in the world is when she is standing underneath the spotlight and giving all that she’s got for every performance. She has done many community theatre shows, including “Wednesday” from the Addams Family, at the Actors Playhouse, and “Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast” at her school. In addition, Diane has also won many of her talent shows, one including the “Young Talent Big Dreams” competition in which she won for the vocal category 2018. In addition, she was recently selected to perform for the Aventura Young Stars Showcase. Diane’s favorite performances are the ones for a cause. She believes the best and easiest type of communication is through notes and music. A performance she will remember for the rest of her life is performing for disabled children to raise Autism and Down Syndrome awareness. She will forever remember the smiles on the faces of the children, and they will be forever in her heart. When Diane is not singing, she is playing instruments and dancing. What can I say, she loves music! She loves playing the violin and piano. She plays violin with the Greater Miami Youth Symphony and has been playing piano ever since she was 5 years old. Diane also loves to create her own songs and chords to sing. Furthermore, she also expresses her love for music by dancing, and takes weekly dancing lessons. Music is not the only passion she has. Diane loves to cracks jokes and meet new peoples. She loves hanging out with her best friends and calling them on FaceTime! She not only loves her friends, but also enjoys learning new things and going to school. During the summertime she always has her nose in a book and waiting for the next school year to see her friends again. Her favorite subjects in school are math and science, especially biology. She and her brother are always competing in school to see who gets the better grades and scores. She wants to thank all the people in her life who has supported her passion.

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Theater Experience

“Wednesday” from the Addams Family,
“Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast”
'a little red riding hood' from 'Into the woods'
'Jellylorum' from 'cats'
'a lit pig/knight/Dulac dancer' from SHREK
'Fairies, wood sprites & Gingerbread children' from 'Hansel and Gretel'


Vocal Training at Miami since June 2013
Winner in vocal groups category at 2018 young talent big dreams contest at Miami
Semi-finalists at 2017 National Competition from NY LYRIC OPERA THEATRE
Semi-finalist in individual vocal broadway category at 2015, 2016 young talent big dreams contest at Miami

4 years training for Jazz, 2 years training for Tap and 4 years training for Ballet
5 years training for violin, a violin player of Great Miami Youth Symphony.
Superior rating certificate for piano solo intermediate level from National Federation of Music Clubs


can speak Chinese and Spanish