$140 The Sound of the Wind - Self Response - Los Angeles, CA Audition

Audition details
Production type
Feature Film-Inde/low Budget
Los Angeles, CA
10/09/2018 12:00am
Non Union
Non-union @ $140.00

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
Casting an independent low budget dramatic thriller about a man named Lucio, who leaves his family behind as he flees Los Angeles, on the run for his life. As Lucio attempts to return home, he is forced to confront his inner demons.

9 available roles to apply
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  • Clerk

    Age: 25 - 45, Gender: Male
    Starts Oct. 9. A convenience store owner who believes in the American Dream; that hard work and playing by the rules pays off.
    Payment: no
  • Waitress

    Age: 25 - 30, Gender: Female
    Role starts Oct. 24. A young woman trying to make a living. Her insomnia and fascination with unique characters has led her to take the night shift at a local roadside dinner.
    Payment: no
  • Officer #1

    Age: 27 - 35, Gender: Male
    Role starts Oct. 24. A rookie on the police force, looking to make a difference in his community.
    Payment: no
  • Officer #2

    Age: 35 - 45, Gender: Male
    Role starts Oct. 24. A veteran cop who has seen both the good and bad of the job. He wants to create a better world for his daughters, but understands it doesn’t happen in a day.
    Payment: no
  • Sales Associate

    Age: 18 - 35, Gender: Male
    Role starts Oct. 26. A young man trying to pay his rent. His dislike of rules and authority has led to him to take the night shift at a local gas station.
    Payment: no
  • Vanessa

    Age: 21 - 25, Gender: Female
    Role starts Oct. 10. She is the caring, compassionate, hardworking young mother of Luna; she is trapped between keeping her daughter's father (Lucio) in her daughter's life, and providing a healthy, safe and stress-free environment for Luna. While she wants what's best for Luna, her love for Lucio makes her unable to watch him suffer from mental illness. Ultimately, she is forced to decide between helping Lucio and doing what is best for Luna.
    Payment: no
  • Chris

    Age: 40 - 55, Gender: Male
    Role starts Oct. 17. He is a third generation rancher, who's been forced to confront the modernization of America.
    Payment: no
  • Luna

    Age: 2 - 4, Gender: Female
    Role starts Oct. 10. She is a nice, kind child who eagerly waits for her father to come home.
    Payment: no
  • Smoking Man

    Age: 40 - 55, Gender: Male
    Role starts Oct. 13. A weathered truck driver who spends his days and nights on the road providing for his family.
    Payment: no

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