$200 for Lafayette - Self Response - Buffalo, NY Audition

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Buffalo, NY
12/09/2018 12:00am
Non Union
Non-union @ $200.00 per Day

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
Casting a film that tells the thrilling story of Trevor, an entrepreneur who has just found the perfect opportunity to make the biggest deal of his career. Unfortunately, this opportunity has also come to the attention of the wealthiest real estate developer in town, Vince.

Vince uses his vast resources to bully Trevor out of his chance for success - all to add to his own pile of wealth. Once Trevor starts to fight back is when things take a turn. When it's clear that Vince has bought off judges and lawyers, Trevor realizes he may be in over his head on this one...
3 available roles to apply
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  • Trevor

    Age: 21 - 40, Gender: Male
    An upstart real estate developer. A high strung personality. Tenacious, he gets what he wants however he can get it. You won't pull the wool over his eyes; he's been taken advantage of before and won't let that happen ever again. He romanticizes the idea of the underdog because he's lived it all his life, and he's not about to let this Vince asshole beat his underdog victory record. All this legal stress Vince is giving requires some tension relief: Trevor turns to the only things that have been sure to work all his adult life: drinks and women. (Needed for approx. 6 shooting days.)
    Payment: no
  • Sophia

    Age: 18 - 40, Gender: Female
    An aloof girl who Trevor meets at a bar he owns one night. What Trevor thinks is going to be a nice one night stand turns into something much more... she takes an immediate liking to him and, while attractive and charming in her own quirky way, she seems to hold the key to helping Trevor get Vince off his back once and for all. In fact, her willingness to help seems to come out of nowhere so fast, it must be too good to be true... (Needed for approx. 4 shooting days.)
    Payment: no
  • Emma

    Age: 20 - 30, Gender: Female
    Trevor's assistant. She may seem a bit prickly at times, but she has Trevor's best interests at heart. She may work for Trevor, but she isn't afraid to speak her mind if Trevor is doing something that might be bad for himself; a trait Trevor often doesn't appreciate in the moment, but a trait he learns to like in the long run. Their relationship is as close as one can be while being strictly professional. (Needed for approx. 4 shooting days.)
    Payment: no

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