Action, Suspensful "Target In The Tunnel" Short Film! Audition

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11/27/2019 12:00am
Non Union

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
Company is casting for a short film "Target In The Tunnel". Please follow all directions accordingly, as directors will not reply if directions are not followed properly, all Q, & A. are answered in this casting call!

Travel expenses will only be covered for accredited professional work, as we will check for references!

Paid Gigs: Will only be considered for professional accredited work! Ex: The feature you were in was distributed on media such as Blu Ray, Dvd, Netflix etc. Directors will check for references.

SYNOPSIS: Edward is about to become a target when he enters the tunnel and gets lost inside trying finding a way out to escape his enemies who are after him. But when an attractive woman approaches him (Elise) and offers to help him get out of the tunnel he doesn't realize she is not on his side. Elise helps Edward to escape his enemies every step of the way to get him out of the tunnel. But as he gains trust from Elise, and gets close to reaching the exit, the escape will become impossible as Elise will take Edward straight to those who want to kill him.

Please submit if interested!
5 available roles to apply
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  • Carl

    Age: 40 - 56, Gender: Male
    The negotiator, old guy, crazy.

    Weight: 180IB to 220IB muscular, fit athletic
    Payment: no
  • Jared

    Age: 20 - 54, Gender: Male
    Assassin Height 5.9 Ft -6.3Ft Weight- 150Ib-250IB. Fit.
    Payment: no
  • Elise

    Age: 33 - 53, Gender: Female
    Seductive, flirty, Height 5.6ft - 6.0Ft Toned, Athletic, Blond, Brunette, Black. Weight 107-127Ib
    Payment: no
  • Edward

    Age: 22 - 55, Gender: Male
    Main Character, for an example, look at the poster, could be toned. muscular, medium build. Height 5.8Ft - 6.2Ft 180Ib to -245Ib Built.
    Payment: no
  • Natasha

    Age: 20 - 43, Gender: Female
    Carl's accomplice exotic girlfriend. 110Ib to 123Ib Athletic, Toned.
    Payment: no

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