Auditions for "Skeleton Crew" - Open Call - Gainesville, FL Audition

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Jacksonville, FL
12/07/2019 12:00am
Non Union
Non-union @ $0.00

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
At the start of the Great Recession, one of the last auto stamping plants in Detroit is on shaky ground. Each of the workers have to make choices on how to move forward if their plant goes under. Shanita has to decide how she'll support herself and her unborn child, Faye has to decide how and where she'll live, and Dez has to figure out how to make his ambitious dreams a reality. Power dynamics shift as their manager Reggie is torn between doing right by his work family, and by the red tape in his office.
4 available roles to apply
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  • Faye

    Age: 54 - 59, Gender: Female
    Working class woman. Tough and a lifetime of dirt beneath her nails. Somewhere, deep compassion.
    Payment: no
  • Dez

    Age: 24 - 29, Gender: Male
    Working class man. Young hustler, playful, street-savy, and flirtatious.. Somewhere, deeply sensitive.
    Payment: no
  • Shanita

    Age: 24 - 29, Gender: Female
    Working class young woman. Pretty but not ruled by it. Hard-working. By-the-books. Believes in the work she does. Also, pregnant. Somewhere, a beautiful dreamer.
    Payment: no
  • Reggie

    Age: 37 - 39, Gender: Male
    White collar man. Studious. Dedicated. Compassionate. The Foreman. Somewhere, a fire brims.
    Payment: no

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