Bad Neighbor - Self Response - Atlanta, GA Audition

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Atlanta, GA
11/04/2019 12:00am
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Audition Description
A quiet man who cares a lot about his lawn goes too far when he decides to teach his lazy pothead neighbor a lesson.
5 available roles to apply
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  • Greg

    Age: 27 - 50, Gender: Male
    A banker who takes much care in keeping himself and his world, clean and healthy; His lawn it's simply flawless, so he can't tolerate anybody, or anything, messing it up.

    (Introvert / Tall, Clean-cut, executive type / Mysterious)

    Payment: no
  • Mary

    Age: 20 - 50, Gender: Female
    She is Greg´s neighbor, a young woman who likes to smoke, relax and eat pizza; she loves her puppy dog, but sometimes she tends to neglect it.

    (Extrovert / Lazy, young student type/ Smoker)

    Payment: no
  • Jane

    Age: 20 - 50, Gender: Female
    She is Mary's best friend and spends a lot of time with her chilling and smoking.

    (Extrovert / Lazy, young student type/ Smoker)

    Payment: no
  • Joe

    Age: 20 - 50, Gender: Male
    Non Speaking role.

    (Quiet / young student type/ Smoker)

    Payment: no
  • Puppy

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender:
    A cute, young, and small dog who frequently is left outdoors, alone, with no care or supervision.

    Open gender and breed, young (Calm and non-violent animal)

    Pet Owners!

    Payment: no

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