Dead of Winter Casting Now - Self Response - New York, NY Audition

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TV & Video
New York City, NY
11/09/2018 12:00am
Non Union
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Audition Description
Casting for season one, episode 101 of "Dead of Winter," an ID network true crime series about murder in the dead of winter.
6 available roles to apply
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  • Henry

    Age: 35 - 45, Gender: Male
    A devoted husband and loving father whose is determined to find his only daughter after she disappears without a trace; Henry and his wife cling to their faith that God will help the state police find their daughter alive and well; but this doesn't stop him from doing everything within his power to bring her home in time for Christmas; he's a man on a mission.
    Payment: no
  • Karen

    Age: 35 - 45, Gender: Female
    An upper middle class suburban house wife whose daughter, Lisa, goes missing on a cold harsh winter night; Karen is stricken with fear that her only daughter won't return home to the family during the holiday season.
    Payment: no
  • Lisa

    Age: 18 - 22, Gender: Female
    A young, beautiful, and bubbly college student; she's a little naive and has faith that everyone is a good and trusting person; she quickly learns that that isn't the case, one long winter night when hitchhiking home after shopping in town; she's known for her blond hair and blue eyes.
    Payment: no
  • Raymond

    Age: 25 - 30, Gender: Male
    Deviant with a long criminal background; Raymond is unable to stay of trouble, especially with the law; he's a blue-collar monster.
    Payment: no
  • Alan

    Age: 25 - 30, Gender: Male
    A rehabilitating criminal whose is trying to make right of his wrongs by helping state police crack a mysterious disappearance case; Alan acts as an informant to bring down the town monster.
    Payment: no
  • Eric

    Age: 30 - 40, Gender: Male
    A lead detective in a small town; he is trying to help a family find their daughter who has gone mysteriously missing; Eric relies on his gut instinct to find the perpetrator.
    Payment: no

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