Glamour Showcase for Aspiring Female Dancers Audition

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Performing Arts
11/15/2018 12:00am
Non Union

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
We are currently seeking versatile models and performance artists for a featured modeling and talent showcase to secure job opportunities with our roster of select producers. The showcase is a recruitment drive for several paid assignments in fashion, glamour-related modeling, acting, dance as well as editorial fashion and fitness. This year's showcase will implement a pageant format using virtual reality technology to highlight select models, actresses and dancers.

The compensation ranges from $50/hr to 150/hr + IMdb Credit/Reel for up to a eight-hour shoot per day. Assignment may be extended for additional paid appearances based on your schedule and flexibility. All productions are held in NYC with travel and accommodations provided for non-local hires. The usage for the project consists of print (2019 showcase calendar and various large-format photobooks), video (conventional and Virtual reality vignettes), live promotional events as well as a few museum exhibitions in fine art photography. All productions are held in NYC with travel and accommodations provided for non-local and distant applicants chosen to participate in the project.

If interested, please submit with your name and email address for additional instructions on how to format and submit your application for this assignment.

APPLICATION NOTE: We may wish to review your Casting360 portfolio so please be sure that there are enough photos and biographical info about yourself before responding to this notice. If we are interested in inviting you for an audition we will respond to you directly by email.
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  • Glamour starlet-dancer

    Age: 18 - 35, Gender: Female
    This role is seeking stylishly sexy and flirtatious models, actresses and dancers for featured co-starring roles and modeling assignments in glamour, promotions, fashion and fitness. Ideal applicants should look youthful, in great physical shape with great hair, skin and nails. Submitting applicants should be attractive, playful (flirty) and seductive and possess a charismatic personality in addition to being comfortable with situational romance on film and in print. The dialogue for this role is very natural with lots of room for creativity and improvisation. Seeking fast learning applicants who are self-motivated, driven and passionate about a career in the performing arts. The submitting applicants should be open-minded about seeking new experiences and possess a high potential towards becoming a marketable success. Qualified applicants may receive sponsored development to help built their portfolio while working paid assignments.Tattoos and piercings are OK as long as they are creatively designed and placed. If selected you'll be placed in a pilot development program where you will undergo training in stunt work, weapons use for film/video and basic stagecraft (blocking, movement, dialogue etc). The program is designed to optimize your booking potential through promotional visibility and the development of a strong and marketable persona.
    Payment: no

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