High Note Audition

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Production type
Friday Harbor, WA
10/13/2017 11:59pm
Non Union
Not Paid

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
Casting "High Note", an indie, dramedy, druggie musical
7 available roles to apply
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  • Jocelyn

    Age: 18 - 30, Gender: Female
    Hippie, free spirited type. Strong voice is a requirement.
    Payment: no
  • Aaron

    Age: 35 - 45, Gender: Male
    40's, father to a lead character in a flashback, drinks and drives, anti government rants, a good father who makes bad choices
    Payment: no
  • Shane

    Age: 21 - 30, Gender: Male
    20's, hippie hitchhiker, kind, peaceful, but quick to stand up for someone he loves
    Payment: no
  • Van Driver

    Age: 21 - 40, Gender: Male
    Redneck type, needs to be able to go from charming to scary and intimidating
    Payment: no
  • Chuck

    Age: 25 - 45, Gender: Male
    Creepy drunk in a bar scene, but in a funny, quirky way
    Payment: no
  • Sam

    Age: 25 - 55, Gender: Male
    Stoner, mentor to a lead in a flashback
    Payment: no
  • young Cliff

    Age: 18 - 25, Gender: Male
    teen, younger version of a lead in flashback. Must appear youthful and capable of extreme sadness and fear
    Payment: no

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