I'll Be Happy Too Pays $125/day - Self Response - Sacramento, CA Audition

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San Francisco, CA
10/04/2019 12:00am
Non Union
Non-union @ $125.00 per Day

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After retirement and three disappointing marriages, a senior citizen (Carol) begins a career in the adult film industry and engages in widespread dating in order to find the love, relationship and meaning she has searched for her entire life. This documentary-hybrid-film has been a six-years in the making, shadowing a real senior citizen woman living in Northern California who navigates her career in the adult entertainment industry while looking for the singular love of her life through cyber dating. Through interviews and scripted reenactments the film will tackle themes of sexuality and the nature of intimacy in the context of this American senior citizen’s quest to be seen and loved; the film will look at her experiences as she simultaneously rebels against norms, makes sense of her identity as an aged person, and looks for connection in places where she meets the original longing and loneliness that she has attempted to break.
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  • Miles

    Age: 60 - 63, Gender: Male
    Short and vigorous; aSoutherner; he is Carol’s favorite date and has been seeing him on and off for five years; Miles knows that Carol is in love with him and wishes to marry him, but he knows that their bond will never be serious; he sexualizes Carol to keep her at arm’s length; he flies her to his home in Atlanta and also visits for a few days every year at her home; he writes her greeting cards and texts her thoughtful messages, but he is emotionally unavailable; Miles appears narcissistic and aloof; works two days.
    Payment: no
  • Karl

    Age: 40 - 49, Gender: Male
    A producer who co-manages an adult content company in Nevada, Karl finds Carol on a website similar to Craigslist for adult actors; he was drawn to the industry as a way to make fast money; he has ambitions to branch out and make his own adult content, starring his girlfriend, a former exotic dancer in Vegas; he also appears in some adult POV videos where his face is never shown; he is calm, professional and focused; works one day.
    Payment: no
  • Admirer

    Age: 60 - 79, Gender: Male
    He is a rancher type who is outgoing and approaches Carol readily; he is a single man who has lived in Northern California his entire life; he watches adult videos on his laptop and recognizes Carol from her work; works one day.
    Payment: no
  • Mae

    Age: 60 - 69, Gender: Male
    Brunette; lives in Carol’s small town; she is retired after working at a local bank for 30 years; she and her husband sometimes watch adult videos together, which is why she recognizes Carol at the store; Mae sees Carol as a liberated woman who lives an unconstrained life that she admires but could never see herself embracing; works one day.
    Payment: no
  • Maggie

    Age: 70 - 89, Gender: Female
    Petite; white haired; full of energy; entertaining, fun, understanding; she is one of Carol’s confidants who knows about her work and lifestyle; Maggie attends the morning breakfast club at the senior complex where some of the residents gather for coffee and gossip; works one day.
    Payment: no
  • Jim

    Age: 40 - 49, Gender: Male
    Nervous; introverted; he responds to Carol's Craigslist ad; he is a government worker who has been sent to the area for agricultural inspections; he is somewhat insecure and finds atypical hook ups the easiest way to have intimacy; he found Carol’s ad when looking for an escort; works one day.
    Payment: no
  • George

    Age: 70 - 79, Gender: Male
    Heavy set; George is looking for a romantic partner, but his creepy energy keeps people away; George is a chauvinist and has no boundaries; he follows Shirley home in the hopes of manipulating her into liking him; works one day.
    Payment: no
  • Alex

    Age: 45 - 55, Gender: Male
    A construction foreman who connects with Carol on an online site. He is married and looking for a hook up outside of his marriage. He finds Carol exciting.
    Payment: no

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