Preferred by Discreet Women Everywhere - Open Call - Minneapolis, MN Audition

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Minneapolis, MN
06/02/2018 6:00am
Non Union
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Preferred by Discreet Women Everywhere is series of three one act plays that invite us into the most public, yet intimate, of settings: a women’s restroom. Poignant and hilarious, these plays are set in the posh bathroom of an upscale Minneapolis bistro where people celebrate life’s big moments, and encounter various crossroads in their lives – moments of celebration, distress, and transition. Sometimes all three.

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  • Mary

    Age: 30 - 31, Gender: Female
    A local morning news anchor who is moving up to a cable news position; her upbringing and focused ambition means she's confident in her work, but rather sheltered and inexperienced in a lot of other areas of life.
    Payment: no
  • Lauren

    Age: 30 - 31, Gender: Female
    Mary's former classmate and the "most likely to succeed" of their graduating year. Her ambitions have changed over the years, and her intellect and management skills are now focused on her children.
    Payment: no
  • Siobhan

    Age: 34 - 39, Gender: Female
    Lauren's husband's twin sister. Unlike Mary and Lauren, her life has been messy on purpose. She's what they call a "free spirit," but she'd like to slap anyone who calls her that.

    Payment: no
  • Lucy

    Age: 15 - 18, Gender: Female
    She's more grown up than she ought to be for her age, and naturally an old soul, but she's loving and playful. Jane is her best friend, but she's not eager to have her as a step mother.

    Payment: no
  • Jane

    Age: 30 - 45, Gender: Female
    Jane is Lucy's father's current girlfriend. She never wanted to be a mother, but she and Lucy immediately bonded, and in spite of herself, she thinks it's time to settle down.
    Payment: no
  • Lydia

    Age: 47 - 60, Gender: Female
    Newly divorced after nearly 30 years, she attempted the sexual adventures she never got to have, with disastrous results. She's now trapped in the restroom with a soaking wet blouse and no cell reception. (This role does require the actress to be comfortable wearing just a bra for a top onstage; full skirt or pants on bottom.)
    Payment: no
  • Julia

    Age: 20 - 23, Gender: Female
    A nice young woman celebrating her engagement at the restaurant.
    Payment: no
  • Bonnie/ensemble

    Age: 40 - 60, Gender: Female
    Looking for possible actor to cast this role.
    Payment: no

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