"Its A Wonderful Life" Audition - Open Call - Biddeford, ME Audition

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Augusta, ME
10/13/2019 12:00am
Non Union
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This 1940s “live broadcast” of Frank Capra’s beloved film takes us back to the Golden Age of Radio. George Bailey and all the residents of Bedford Falls, as you’ve never seen – or heard — them before in this fresh new adaptation of the film is set in the fictional studio of WVL Radio Theatre on a cold, snowy winter night. Due to the blizzard, the professional voice actors are unable to get through, but the show must go on — so a small but intrepid band of employees manage to create the dozens of movie characters and scenes using just their voices and a sound effects table.
4 available roles to apply
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  • Lee Wright

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender: Male
    A charismatic go-getter always full of energy. Foley artist. In love with Evelyn, and maybe took the Foley position just to be near her, although he wouldnt admit it. Dreams of an on-air acting job.Plays: Joseph, George, Harry, Martini
    Payment: no
  • Evelyn Reed

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender: Female
    Daughter of the station owner, WVLs secretary and general domestic support crew. Despite some amateur theatrics, has never gotten up the nerve to audition for a spot on one of her fathers programs.Plays: Mary, Carter, Owner, Cop
    Payment: no
  • Mays

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender: Male
    Long time character actor and well-known to the WVL Listeners. In a secret relationship with Kitty, and scared to admit it to anyone. Very good with voices.Plays: Franklin, Clarence, Gower, Bailey, Potter, Billy, Burt, Sam, Man, Mrs. Hatch, Tom, Pete, Tommy, Mick, Sheriff.
    Payment: no
  • Kitty Dayle

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender: Female
    Character actor. In a secret relationship with Mays but is fed up with secrecy. Very good with voices.Plays: Violet, Ernie, Mrs. Bailey, Dr. Campbell, Tilly, Ruth, Maria, Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Thompson, Teller, Janoe, Zuzu, Driver.
    Payment: no

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