"Last Nightmare" - Open Call - Montreal Audition

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Montreal, QC
08/07/2019 12:00am
Non Union
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Audition Description
Three best friends encounter a strange event that might be the horrible reason why some students in their school have been missing since the beginning of the year.
4 available roles to apply
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  • Teacher

    Age: 25 - 35, Gender: Male
    The teacher has a funny and outgoing personality, a little eccentric and borderline weirdo. His students love the way he is, but his extravagant ways sometimes push them to disconnect from the class and what hes teaching.
    Payment: no
  • Ingrid

    Age: 20 - 25, Gender: Female
    Full of dreams, Ingrid is a shy young woman studying in film. Hard working and wanting to become the best, she doesnt have many friends. In fact, shes a loner that loves escaping reality by getting lost in her vivid and creative mind. Ingrid is a very soft-spoken girl whos unaware of her beauty and prefers hiding in baggy clothes.
    Payment: no
  • David

    Age: 20 - 25, Gender: Male
    David is the perfect mix between MAX and INGRID. Hes a good-looking young man whos still trying to find his true self. His passion: writing, his crush: INGRID. After letting her know of his feelings and getting denied, he stills sticks around her. But his shy nature doesnt block him from partying from times to times with his best friend MAX. Hes very generous and friendly.
    Payment: no
  • Max

    Age: 20 - 25, Gender: Male
    Outgoing, flirtatious and attention-seeking, MAX wants all eyes on him. In fact, hes the clown of the class and theres probably not one girl in school that he hasnt hit on. He studies film, but deeply he wants to become an actor. He hangs out with DAVID and INGRID, the only two shy people who can handle his personality. But this entire show that he puts on is only meant to hide his personal self-esteem issues.
    Payment: no

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