"Side by Side by Sondheim" Auditions - Open Call - Springfield, MO Audition

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Kansas City, KS
10/26/2019 12:00am
Non Union
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Audition Description
From the streets of ancient Rome, through nineteenth-century Japan and turn-of-the-century Sweden, to the high-rise apartments of 1970 Manhattan, his songs represent a definitive time and place, and yet move beyond their particular settings to speak to us all. In this award-winning revue of his earlier work, some of the most lush, unforgettable songs from this musical theatre master are presented in one magical evening. This dazzling array of some of Sondheim's best-known songs demonstrates his masterful craft and astounding creativity.

4 available roles to apply
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  • Narrator

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender:
    Elegant, erudite, clever and articulate. The liaison between the audience and the material.
    Payment: no
  • Female 1

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender: Female
    The personification of class, clipped speech, crafty mind. The more sophisticated of the two ladies with a sardonic sense of humor and a sly delivery.
    Payment: no
  • Female 2

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender: Female
    Attractive and impetuous with a strong sense of humor, is a bit more overt then her counterpart as well as a bit more crass, but her charm is her greatest attribute.
    Payment: no
  • Male

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender: Male
    Handsome, dashing and sexually ambiguous, bright, quick and witty. A bit of a narcissist with a healthy dose of harm, has vitality and an endearing sense of entitlement.
    Payment: no

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