"The Reclamation" Casting Pays $125/Day - Self Response - New York City, NY Audition

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Hartford, CT
11/08/2019 12:00am
SAG-AFTRA @ $125.00 per Day

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
A wheelchair bound man finds the help he’s been looking for in a mysterious remediation organization to find there’s a sadistic formula to their “healing process.”
3 available roles to apply
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  • Dr. Marshall Gilroy

    Age: 35 - 65, Gender: Male
    One of the organizations premier licensed professional counselors. Through his assessment of interested individuals and parties, his approval or denial is what pushes patrons forward, to the final practice. Easygoing, and as comforting as a counselor should be what he serves is the antithesis of such a demeanor.
    Payment: no
  • The Creator

    Age: 40 - 75, Gender: Male
    Appears on the television to guide Alex and other patrons of The Reclamation through their journey. He reads of warmth and kindness, but on the underside, is devoid of morality and only lives to serve his one purpose: The Reclamation, because he believes, it works.
    Payment: no
  • The Embodier

    Age: 20 - 35, Gender: Male
    The manifestation of everything the main character ALEX is not. While Alex is physically impaired, The Embodier is physically strong, and capable, a representation of what Alex wants to "reclaim".
    Payment: no

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