Ruckers Audition

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Production type
Los Angeles, CA
11/25/2017 12:00am
Non Union
$250/ 2 days (weekend)

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For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
Ruckers, a Non-Union Music Video @ $500
7 available roles to apply
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  • Teen JC

    Age: 14 - 18, Gender: Male
    Seeking a mixed race teen to play the teen version of the lead artist. LOTS of screen time. He performs the song on a stage in front of the audience. He is also involved in an altercation during the fight scene. We have a stunt coordinator for the fight scene so the actor doesn’t necessarily need to be well versed in fighting.
    Payment: no
  • Young JC

    Age: 6 - 10, Gender: Male
    Child playing on playground swing, jumps off, paints a painting, Child then involved in drive by altercation. Personality Traits: No dialogue included, should be well behaved and open to multiple takes. Scene will involve child to be swinging on a swing, this does not need special skills but helps if child is okay to be on a swing alone. This role requires two shoot dates, half day of shooting each day (roughly 5 hours each) This role will be used at the playground & the Stage locations.

    This role is playing the artist at a young age.
    Payment: no
  • Kid

    Age: 6 - 10, Gender: Male
    Child holds a gun out of window of a car to simulate surreal drive by shooting. This will be a PROP gun, and there will be NO REAL GUNS ON SET. Child will be only used for one scene. half day work required, (4 hours) Will take place on a playground. No special skills required, no exact characteristics required. Please be sure your child will be comfortable with this before submitting for the role. Thank you.
    Payment: no
  • Kid Driver

    Age: 6 - 10, Gender: Male
    Child sits in drivers seat of car, simulates driving on playground. Will not be actually driving, just sitting in drivers seat.
    Payment: no
  • Children Extras

    Age: 6 - 10, Gender: Male o
    Background kids playing in a play ground & Kids as audience members
    Payment: no
  • Teens Extras

    Age: 15 - 20, Gender: Male o
    Teen crowd watching fight in alley
    Payment: no
  • Kid JC

    Age: 6 - 9, Gender: Male
    Seeking mixed race child to play the younger version of our lead artist. Child will be playing on playground swings and begin to paint on an easel. Child is then involved in a drive by altercation. There are 2 other roles for African American children that will be cast out of the Kid JC auditions. Those roles will work 1 day each. So any kids auditioning have a really high chance of being booked!
    Payment: no

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