Stoneheart Ep 2 & 3 Audition

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Los Angeles, CA
12/11/2017 12:00am
$150/day (2 days)

Unlimited auditions

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Stoneheart Ep 2 & 3, a SAG-AFTRA Internet @ $150 (one day)
7 available roles to apply
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    Age: 8 - 11, Gender: Female
    Young Rebecca (female, 8-11) (1 day on set) Younger Rebecca, a sweet kid who is living in a toxic family and has to stand up for herself when her sadistic father gets drunk and terrorizes his family. See in flashback
    Payment: no

    Age: 30 - 40, Gender: Female
    Mother (30-40) (female, 1 day on set) Rebecca’s mom, a weak, but loving woman who tolerated Erik’s behavior towards her and her daughter. Seen in flashback
    Payment: no

    Age: 25 - 35, Gender: Female
    Ms. Lexington (25-35) (female, 1 day on set) Rebecca’s young school teacher. She is the one who introduces Rebecca to the power of Aponi (The Witch).
    Payment: no
  • TIM

    Age: 16 - 22, Gender: Male
    Tim (16-22) Needs to be legal 18. (male, 1 day on set) A bully who grew up in a poor religious family. Rebecca’s classmate who won’t leave her alone.
    Payment: no
  • APONI (witch)

    Age: 20 - 30, Gender: Female
    An ancient witch who’s been burned alive in the past. She helps young broken souls to stand up for themselves, gives young girls like Rebecca the power to fight men like her abusive father. Skinny, tall. Ideal candidate would be a dancer or a contortionist. Needs to be physically flexible. Pls indicate in your submission any character work/contortionist abilities etc
    Payment: no
  • ERIC

    Age: 40 - 50, Gender: Male
    Erik (40-50) (male, 1 day on set) Rebecca’s father. A police officer with a drinking problem. He became a decent cop to compensate for his inability to be a good father and husband. Outwardly seemingly decent but terrorizes his family behind closed doors
    Payment: no

    Age: 16 - 22, Gender: Female
    Should be legal18. Recurring character. LEAD. A troubled runaway teenager who was physically abused by her alcoholic father, a respected police officer. Sweet, innocent and smart, but broken and angry at the world. Appears in both episodes, potential to recur.
    Open to all ethnicities/suggestions but will be matching the mom and dad and younger Rebecca of course
    Payment: no

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