Sugar Daddy Audition

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Production type
Short Films
Los Angeles, CA
12/25/2017 12:00am
Non Union

Unlimited auditions

For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
Sugar Daddy, a Non-Union Short Film @ $200/day
5 available roles to apply
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  • Caitlin (Cashier)

    Age: 16 - 18, Gender: Female
    an enthusiastic, eager to please high school student working at Mel's, the hot dog parlor, for some "customer experience" on her resume; not so good at dealing with conflict, a bit nervous and gangly.
    Payment: no
  • Jackie (Radiation Nurse)

    Age: 40 - 50, Gender: Female
    an experienced, kindhearted woman who has learned to always bring a sense of humor with her to work. In the evenings, at home, definitely a fan of "Dancing with the Stars."
    Payment: no
  • Geraldine

    Age: 50 - 65, Gender: Female
    a bit of a busy body, easily offended, Geraldine enjoys hearing the latest gossip, and maybe even spilling a bit of her own...oh but only disguised as a prayer request of course.
    Payment: no
  • Ricky Glen

    Age: 60 - 70, Gender: Male
    (Seeking a very tall and heavy actor for this role.) Ever the charmer, at 61, Ricky's enormous appetite is only matched by his unrelenting stubbornness. Stage 4 cancer can't mute his rough sarcasm and aggressive need to be independent. He loves his daughter, though he can't stand the idea that she is "looking after" him.
    Payment: no
  • Morgan Glen

    Age: 18 - 23, Gender: Female
    a short (5,4 and lower), slim, androgynous, 21 year-old who still gets carded for R rated movies.Her optimistic personality steadily hardens as her father, despite his illness, refuses to take responsibility for basic self-care.
    Payment: no

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