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Austin, TX
09/21/2019 12:00am
Non Union
Non-union @ $125.00 per Day

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The story is a bit of a mystery. Our protagonist, Sarah is lost. Lost emotionally and spiritually. And, as the story begins, Sarah is literally lost in a wooded area near an old log cabin inhabited by a solitary man. The man is searching for Sarah but she is afraid to accept his help. He may be her father. But he may be something more. He may be the source of love and hope she has been lacking in her life.
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  • Sarah

    Age: 20 - 29, Gender: Female
    Unlike most her age, has experienced the world at its worst. Her face looks gaunt. Sarah has battled depression and loneliness and has tried to control her inner pain by self-harming.

    Prefer experienced film actress as this is a challenging, dramatic role about a self-harmer who is searching. Note: This is not a horror film nor does it seek to exploit those who self-harm. This is a film about HOPE.

    Note: I know the description says 'her face is gaunt' but self-harmers come in all shapes and sizes. The ability to connect with the character will be key.

    Payment: no

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