The Night Of The Blue Moon - Self Response - Atlanta, GA Audition

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Atlanta, GA
08/02/2019 2:07pm
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This is a sci-fi horror film, every 15 years a randomly selected neighborhood must take place in an event called “Blue Moon Night” in which everyone must find a way to survive a night in which everything has only the purposes of killing everything that breathes.
4 available roles to apply
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  • Elle

    Age: 20 - 25, Gender: Female
    She has the unfortunate pleasure of moving into the neighborhood the day this event takes place. At the beginning she comes off as super innocent but she is probably the craziest person in this entire movie and has the most blood lust (Please some form of good shape for this role, it would make things easier.)
    Payment: no
  • Amber

    Age: 20 - 29, Gender: Female
    The standard party girl. She is the girl at every party, probably been with most of the guys in the city. Known for being very attractive and having a very high IQ, but doesn’t show it, and having an unusually curvy body, (most people thing her body is fake) (ideally for this character we are kinda asking for someone with an unusually curvy body of any time. Be it very busty, or have a big bottom. All we ask for is a skinny waist.
    Payment: no
  • Steven

    Age: 20 - 23, Gender: Male
    Voted most likely to die in the beginning of a horror movie. The big macho man on in the neighbor, behind his want to be tough look, he is one of the nicest guys around. He is the potential love interest of both Amber and Elle.

    Payment: no
  • Cate

    Age: 30 - 39, Gender: Female
    The only survivor of the last event and is now a crazy cat lady that has been trying to warn people for years that this was going to happen again. Everyone thinks she is crazy until she is proven right. She has a good heart even though she comes off as a bit crazy.
    Payment: no

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