The Rollin’ On A River - Self Response - Vancouver, BC Audition

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Production type
Feature Film-Inde/low Budget
Vancouver, BC
07/15/2019 2:07pm
Non Union
Non-union @ $0.00

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For less than a LATTE a month

Audition Description
A group of friends falls apart over the course of a tabletop game, but come together when they realize that at the end of the day, it’s just a game.
5 available roles to apply
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  • Steve

    Age: 24 - 26, Gender: Male
    Desperately wants people to get along. It rarely works out that way, and Steve has resigned himself to his own personal hell running a tabletop game for friends who detest one another. It’s only a matter of time before he snaps.
    Payment: no
  • Landon

    Age: 27 - 29, Gender: Male
    With a prickly disposition. Landon loves and needs order, which manifests as reliance on rules. When said rules are threatened, Landon feels threatened. He doesn’t believe that the others at the table are as invested as he is.
    Payment: no
  • Dana

    Age: 24 - 26, Gender: Female
    With a manipulative streak. Dana operates in a cycle of controlled chaos and likes to be in control. More than that, she loves to push people’s buttons and doesn’t get that her actions have consequences.
    Payment: no
  • Ennis

    Age: 20 - 23, Gender: Male
    Has given up on his friends. He buries himself in cheap phone games and other distractions to avoid engaging with how toxic his friends’ relationship is. Ennis is, in a strange way, the heart of the group – just shriveled and tuned out.
    Payment: no
  • Narrator

    Age: 18 - 60, Gender:
    A dignified narrator that you might expect to find in Lord of the Rings, or Willow. A warm, mature voice that is genuinely invested in its description of the characters of the world.
    Payment: no

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