Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Breaking into acting isn’t easy, and anyone who says it is will be flat-out lying to you. After all, landing a career making gig in acting can take years to accomplish, and many labor for decades without ever catching a big break. Of course, there are some things that can certainly help you improve your odds of finding success.

Two of those things are enrolling in great acting classes, and living in an area that is a hotbed of film and TV making – in other words, Los Angeles. And for many, enrolling in acting classes in Los Angeles is the key step that could help push their career forwards in a big way.

But, can you choose the right acting classes? Do you know how to get the most from them? Do you know what to do once you graduate from one? There are a lot of variables out there, and it’s worth taking the time to look into them more completely in order to leverage Los Angeles acting classes to your fullest advantage.

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The way to acting success may require some work.

Finding The Right Classes

The first step is simply choosing the right classes to take in Los Angeles. The city is filled with different courses and programs all promising to offer you the inside track to a great career. But some are nothing more than scams, offering you something that can barely qualify as a class, taking your money, and handing you a piece of paper that they say is a diploma.

To enroll in the best classes, keep the following things in mind.

  • Start by doing your research. Look for past reviews or testimonials from previous students – but look away from the website of the school itself. They’re not going to post honest reviews. Do a little research and you’ll likely be able to find out more about which programs actually help students.
  • Find out more about the instructors. Look at who is teaching the different classes and find out what their history is. How long have they worked in the industry? What impact did they have? Are they skilled and competent? Pay attention to these things because they’ll have a direct impact on your ability to learn from them. Poor instructors aren’t worth investing time and money in. The best classes are taught by past actors and actresses with years in the industry – people who can actually help you learn and grow.
  • What kind of subjects are focused on, and do they match up with your specific needs? For example, if you want to develop and accent, does a program offer a class focused on developing accents? Or… are you from out of town and want to reduce your accent? What about acting with your body and face? Look at the specifics of the course to see if it’s something that is going to help you strengthen areas you need strengthened. If a program just covers things that you’re already solid in, there is little need to enroll.
  • Along those lines, check out if they offer theatrical acting classes, television acting classes, or film acting classes. They are all different in their own ways. A theater actor emotes more and is bigger and louder so that the audience in the back of the theater can see them. A film actor is more subtle, especially during those close ups. Just ask Sir Michael Caine.
  • Finally, see what kind of efforts the school may put forth to help your career after completing the course. Some will simply cut you loose with a certificate of completion, but others may try to introduce you to agents or others in the industry, help you craft resumes, and more. Different schools offer different things, so look into all the options.
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Learn as much as you can, on the streets and off the streets

Audition ’til Your Heart’s Content

Look around in your local paper and online. Try to find as many auditions as possible and go to them. The normal rate for success is about 10 to 1, with the online exception of 25 to 1 due to more volume. If you live in Hollywood or Burbank, you’re more likely to run into an audition just walking down the street. Just the other day, I drove past one with my Uber driver. So, memorize monologues, and audition.

Getting The Most From Your Classes

The tips above will certainly help you narrow down your options and find the best acting classes in Los Angeles for you to enroll in, but once you enroll it is still important that you keep several things in mind. Getting more from a program takes commitment from you, and it’s important that you spend some time understanding how to get the absolute most from your courses. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Admit Your Weaknesses When Acting

When you’re willing to admit that you need help in certain areas, it’s easier to start improving. Everyone has weak spots in their acting game, and being able to identify them and admit that they exist will help you get more from your classes.

Don’t Compare to Other Actors

Your classes won’t be one on one. You’ll be enrolled in a program that will involve many other students. While looking at what each of your fellow students is doing will have a big impact on identifying what you can do to improve your own acting, it’s important that you don’t compare their successes to yours. This can cause you to become frustrated, kill motivation, and sabotage your efforts. Compare techniques, for sure. But don’t compare successes – or failures.

Engage with Your Instructor and Other Actors

Engaging with instructors is important. If you’re struggling with something, ask them about it. If you don’t fully understand what they’re trying to teach you, talk to them about your confusion. They’re there to help you, not just throw out ideas and ignore any responses. Don’t forget about your fellow actors. You may end up being with them on set.

Be Prepared for Your Acting Classes

Always be prepared for your acting classes. Study when you’re not in class, follow instructor’s lessons and guidance, and more. Also, be prepared to work. You do more in acting classes than many realize, and oftentimes people enroll without really being prepared to put forth the effort and homework needed to thrive in a program.

Be Ready to Learn About Acting

This is kind of similar to the point above, but it’s surprising how many people enter an acting class assuming that they already know everything. Some enroll just because they think the lessons will look good on an acting resume. Instead, you need to know that you’re going to class to learn. This translates to better results and a better development of your talent.

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Best of luck!

If you’ll take the time to choose the right acting class and be sure that you do all you can to really invest yourself into it, you’ll be able to hone your skills and develop your craft, ultimately becoming the actor you want to be.

You can use the experiences in class to take your performances to the next level, and can also benefit by adding these programs to your resume. Los Angeles acting classes can have a tremendous impact on your career, and are a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about your future in the field.