Ciara’s Twitter Controversy

There’s one thing that Twitter can be counted on: knowing that, at least once a day, someone famous will probably post a tweet that generates controversy.

One of the latest examples of this appears in Ciara’s tweet on January 21, 2018. For anyone not familiar with Ciara, she’s an accomplished singer, songwriter, record producer, model, and dancer, as well as an actress. Not only is she a versatile individual, but she’s also incredibly vocal in some of her opinions, as her tweet shows.

In her tweet, she posted a quote from the charismatic Rev. John Gray, associate pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas: “Too many women want to be married, but you’re walking in the spirit of ‘girlfriend.'” This quote came from a sermon Gray delivered, and (in the interest of total disclosure) it was only a small part of his presentation. He also went on to discuss how both men and women can find lasting love leading to a spouse and a healthy, stable marriage.

Naturally, when she put out Gray’s words, Twitter reacted with its usual swiftness. There were those who immediately attacked her, while others came to her defense.

One of those speaking against her was Twitter user CiCi Adams, who wrote: “Ciara, honey, no. We rooted for you when you were going through your mess. I’m so disappointed that you would share something so silly. What pastor John Gray is saying here is intellectually lazy and a twisting of scripture. That’s not what Prov. 18:22 meant at all.”

Then, Twitter users such as Shane Ravello came down on Ciara’s side with “Y’all wanted to know how Ciara snatched a Russell Wilson, and she told y’all, but now y’all mad. LMAO.”

Does her posting the quote from Rev. Gray mean that she’s putting down anyone who doesn’t follow the path she chose for herself? Probably not. She may have just found the comment to be inspiring and decided to pass it on to her followers.

Unfortunately, though, what sometimes happens is that when someone puts something out there that they hope will help others, there’s a chance it might be misinterpreted or perceived as an attack on those who might not agree or believe the same way.

Perhaps one of the takeaways from the current controversy is that a drawback to having a social media presence on Twitter, such as that enjoyed by Ciara, is having your words used as a battleground in other media outlets. The moment the various tweets (both pro and con) regarding the initial statement began flying across the internet, sites following trending topics immediately picked up on what was taking place.

On the one hand, people who had never heard of Ciara might have been curious enough to find out more about her, thereby generating some positive buzz. Then again, those who followed her but who found her tweet to be unfavorable might have stopped following her.

An old saying in Hollywood that “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” But times have changed, and for someone who has become a nationally recognized brand, only time will tell whether a single tweet makes either a positive or a negative impact on Ciara’s overall social media presence.