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I’m an super excited to announce the release of our blog. I will do my best to release daily, everything that I can gather from the entertainment world. A bit from the stars to the aspiring actors’ Universe, all delivered to you. For free! Enjoy!

Without further ado, let’s dive right in! Man of Steel is coming out in a couple of days, and why not talk about it. All I have to say is, it better deliver. I did not wait all this time to watch something like the Transformers that keeps ┬áme guessing who the bad guy is, and why is the good guy fighting the good guy, only to realize later that it wasn’t the good guy, oh wait… it was, or was it?

As far as who’s directing it… I saw 300. I forgot all about it as soon as the lights came back on. The other two movies, I didn’t even really think anything of them. And the producer’s story? I don’t know. Hearing that the premiere left audiences in the middle, makes me not want to rush to the theaters, but wait for the DVD, or Netflix to stream it. I don’t want to watch a movie and be in the middle when it’s done. I want to watch a movie and go, “Hell yeah!” at the end, just like the other Superman movies have done for me. Well, at least the first one.

With an all star cast it should be promising. We’ll see.