How to be a Great Actor in 5 Steps

You may have walked onto an auditioning stage once or twice, or 20, but the butterfly feeling never goes away. Keep in mind; they want to see you, not intimidate you. They want to see what you can bring to the table. They want to see who you are so they can think about where they can place you in their film.

So, you want to be a great actor, and have no idea how to do it? Here’s some advice to help you out:

1. The audition is your first step. Without this, you can’t be an actor for the simple logical reason that no one will see you act on stage or in front of the camera. This part takes time to nail. It may take you several years to get your first audition, or it could be as easy as just landing your first gig with your first audition. Be persistent. You never know who will see you and what’s in their mind.

2. Act out. In your car, in the bathroom in front of the mirror, even in public. So what if they think you’re crazy? You have to act out what you’re thinking on order for it to come across. How will you deliver sadness if you don’t act sad?

3. Speak up, son! At the audition, you have to speak up. You never know who will be in the other chair listening. They may be hard of hearing, or you may be auditioning on a large stage with a lot of distance between you and the others.

4. Be understandable. Please, for goodness’ sake, pronounce your words carefully. If you mean ask, say ask, not axe. Doing so will limit your roles as you can only play a role where you have a speech impediment. Most great actors will go beyond the norm to lean accents, dialects, even languages. Can you at least just learn the English language properly? Pronounce your Ts, Ss, Ds, Rs, T, and THs. Don’t say “Duh!” when you mean “The!”

5. Have fun! Whatever you do, remember, this is a role you want to play. This is someone else’s life you are willing to live a few hours a day for quite some time. Be that character. Live their life. Be creative! Some of the greatest actors lost their lives being the greatest character they could be.

I will go more into depth about what to look out for when going to auditions, to being on the set, and beyond. I hope you enjoyed this little post, because I know I had fun writing it.

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