Justin Bieber Hits a Photographer, Katy Perry Gets a Text, And Kanye West Has No Art

Justin Bieber seems to be another phrase for Big Trouble. Yes, I know he’s human and can make mistakes, and that he’s in the limelight 24/7, but he just irks me as the annoying guy that does everything because he can. He’s definitely walking a thin line, considering that he had his monkey confiscated. And, got in trouble for driving his car way too fast in his apartment complex. However, this week, he simply was not at fault. I have to side with him on this one. It seems as if he warned the photographers to move aside of his incoming vehicle. They didn’t, he punched it, and the rest is news.

As far as Katy Perry goes, misery loves company, apparently. She could not stay with Russell Brant, not could she stay with John Mayer. Even through those guys had the qualities she liked, probably because she’s a broken bird herself, just can’t pass the fear to be in a committed relationship. Most broken birds can’t. The lesson here, treat your kids well so they can grow up to be decent human beings who don’t flock from one nest to the next because of “irreconcilable differences”.

So, Kanye apparently might have a chance at winning something. An award for packaging his own music. Interesting. The guy can’t sing worth crap, but he wins an award for designing his own album cover for Yeezus. And to think this guy couldn’t get more weird. It’s like a farmer winning an award for painting his own tractor.