Cannes We Not

Cannes Film Festival jury-member Kristen Stewart was in the news again this week as she opted to go Louboutin-less on the event’s red carpet, where there is a strict black tie and “heels only” policy – no word yet on how her bare little piggies were taken by those in charge. The festival, whose beginnings […]

Five Best Cheap and Free Netflix Alternatives in 2018

Netflix has revolutionized the streaming media industry. Over 130 million subscribers watch TV shows, movies, documentaries and more via Netflix’s paid streaming service. But there are other ways to watch. Maybe you’ve already gone through the entire Netflix library or maybe you’re looking for something new. Maybe you’re just looking for a cheaper service. Here […]

Getting Your Voice Actors

Okay, so you know the basic structure of making a dub, and all of the hoops you have to jump through in order to do that. But now you need to think a little more specifically about the process, particularly the voice actors. When you post the auditions and patiently wait for the try outs […]

9 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Religious

We all know about Tom Cruise’s Scientology, Justin Bieber’s Christianity, and Richard Gere’s Buddhism, but did you know these other celebrities were devoutly religious? Orlando Bloom Raised in the Anglican Church, as an adult, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor converted to Buddhism, even building a Buddhist retreat near his home in California. Mark Wahlberg […]

How To Make A Resume For Acting

How To Make A Resume For Acting When most people think of acting and breaking into the field, they assume that you just head down to the casting call, audition, and hope you get the part. To a degree, that’s actually not far from reality. But did you know that an acting resume is a […]

How to Get Into Voice Acting

Voice acting How to get into voice acting? Ask this guy… The entertainment world is incredibly diverse, and more opportunities than ever before exist to break into the field of voice acting. One perfect example is the world of voice acting, and today it’s possible to start a career in voice acting and follow your […]