How To Make A Resume For Acting

How To Make A Resume For Acting When most people think of acting and breaking into the field, they assume that you just head down to the casting call, audition, and hope you get the part. To a degree, that’s actually not far from reality. But did you know that an acting resume is a […]

Chekov is Dead – Anton Yelchin Killed by Jeep

Chekov from Star Trek (Anton Yelchin) Killed by Jeep Grand Cherokee Another Hollywood star extinguished from the endless sky of possibilities. Our beloved Anton Yelchin, or Chekov as I’ve known him throughout his career, a star in one of my favorite film series, Star Trek, has passed away on Sunday, June 19th, sadly. He was […]

How to Get Into Voice Acting

Voice acting How to get into voice acting? Ask this guy… The entertainment world is incredibly diverse, and more opportunities than ever before exist to break into the field of voice acting. One perfect example is the world of voice acting, and today it’s possible to start a career in voice acting and follow your […]

How to Audition

So you want to know how to audition, not just where to find them? How to audition is just as important as where to find auditions. So, you’ve discovered some auditions in your neck of the woods, and you just go for it? Wait a second. Put on some breaks. You need to be prepared. […]

How To Get Into Acting

If You Would Like to Get into Acting, Read On Acting is something that many people dream of doing. Whether it’s just earning enough as an actor to not have to work elsewhere or reaching superstar level fame, acting goals are incredibly common and something that millions of people work towards. However, it’s not easy. For […]

Acting Classes in Atlanta

Breaking into acting takes a lot – talent, commitment, passion, location, and luck are just some of the things that play a role in your success or failure as an actor. Of course, a lot of different steps could help improve your odds of making it big and a perfect example of this is to […]