Romanian Singer, Alexandra Stan Get Beat Up

No laughing matter when it comes to abuse in the home. This all too typical scenario in the Eastern European nations is just surfacing now? Being born and raised in Romania until the age of 11, I always heard about spousal abuse almost daily. The reason why women were too afraid of speaking up against their husband, and even when no reason was given.

Fortunately, I never had to experience that from my parents. In the village that I grew up however, almost every day someone was getting their share of “discipline”.

The photo above doesn’t just show a slap in the face, but a more deep and severe beating. A bashing. This is what you call assault, folks. Someone needs to go to jail over this.

For far too long men have had their ways physically with women around the world. Good thing that in the West, there are many laws protecting women against this kind of barbaric behavior. I bet even barbarians didn’t beat up their wives this way. Maybe they did. I’ll never know. In any case, this is definitely not to be experienced by anyone you love and have dedicated your life to be with together.

We hear it from Rhianna and Chris Brown. It still happens in our world, and abuse has no prejudice over income. So it’s common. We know it exists. What I will never understand is this. Would you do this to a friend of yours if they disagree with you? I sure as Hell would not want you to be my friend.

Yes, it’s more predominant in Eastern Europe since we know the East Block is still considered a 3rd world area for the most part. Maybe enough time will bring them out of the dark ages.