Superman Comes Out, and They Never Call Him That

Well, they called him that twice, but never to his face. Well, ok, so Lois might have almost called him, but not really.

In all honesty, I watched Star Trek on the same day, and it just felt like Star Trek had a lot more to offer. I saw The Man of Steel, and it just didn’t do anything for me. I expected more out of Superman. Too many innocent people died. Superman was supposed to save mankind, not get them killed. The guy is sent here to Earth, and in the process, he gets hunted down and has a bunch of innocent people killed. I think throughout the entire movie, he might have saved two dozen people, and that’s including the kids on the bus. On the other side, he had about 10,000 people killed in Metropolis alone.

Then, when you thought it was over, it’s not. The reviews were pretty spot on. Half of the people (super fans, pun intended) loved it, and the other half thought it was so-so. I’m a fan, but not a super fan. Same with Star Trek. I like the series, the Next Generation series, the original movies, the Next Generation movies, and now the new old series. I like both. I’ve been following both since I was a kid, but this Man of Steel just left me kind of neutral to Superman.

Spoiler alert… no Kryptonite! WTF?

Star Trek, on the other hand, was great! The story was great, the surprises were great, and overall a great movie. J. J. Abrams sure knows his movies.

Both movies were a great Father’s Day present for me, so I can’t really complain.