The Longest Runway in the World on the Set of Fast & Furious 6

Ok, I understand that it’s a movie, and that you have to suspend your belief of reality. I mean, otherwise, we wouldn’t have sci-fi, right? I never knew that Fast & Furious 6 universes didn’t abide by simple laws of physics, or that they time traveled. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that wasn’t exactly a little off. It was about 514% off.

When you make a movie, do you ever ask yourself questions such as… how long should this scene last? Let’s see, we have a runway that’s at best 3.5 miles long (longest runway in the world, which is located in China), and cars traveling at 110-140 mph. At best, this runway would have to be 18-some miles long since the scene lasted for a few minutes.

A plane can even land on it, taxi for a while, and then take off again, which is by the way, impossible of any plane of that size. The pure momentum to stop a plane would take at least two typical runways.

it goes to show you that people don’t care what you show them as long as someone’s ass is getting kicked. Intelligence, after all, is so overrated these days.