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Uploaded on: 06.01.2016

Olivia and Chef Dustin Trani rush to fix their problematic aiolis in an olive-based challenge in this collection of scenes from "The Mamas and the Tapas." #ManVsChild Subscribe for more from Man vs Child: Chef Showdown and other great FYI shows: Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: Check out exclusive FYI content: Website - Google+ - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Tumblr - Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown Season 2 Episode 5 Mardi Gras Man Vs. Child is a fast-paced cooking competition that pits seasoned chefs against child cooking prodigies to see who makes the most inspired dishes. Each round tests the cooks' overall aptitude and areas of expertise and things get fiery as they're challenged to create a different dish under unusual circumstances. For your inspiration, for your imagination or for your innovation, FYI? embraces an adventurous, personalized and non-prescriptive approach to peoples' taste, space, look, story and more. FYI covers a range of stories and experiences that reflect how people actually live their lives today, not defined by just one passion or interest. Visit us at for more info.

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