Oppressed - Short Film - Involving A Rebel Resistance 

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Uploaded on: 10.17.2014

This is the first film i have starred in, which i did with the media students when i was taking performing arts at south devon college. A short film about a group of rebels, crushed from the government, with only a few remaining that are scattered around the country in hiding from the corruption and control of the government that besieges them. The governments intent on imposing their own brutal laws and regulations onto the public put everybody at risk, leaving only a few brave civilians to try and fight back their country, in great hardship. Starring: Erin Draper as Nathan Curtis Clark as Aaron Reanna Harper as Abigail Written, filmed and produced by Ashley Carter Directed by Ben Hicks Cinematography directed by Mackenzie Dodd Sound Recordist and Camera Operator- Taylor Johnson PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS

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