WELLNESS PASSPORT // Travel + Wellness TV Show Reel (2017) 

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Join Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior, each week as she takes you on a wellness journey around the world—without ever leaving your couch. Wellness Passport is a TV show compiling short and inspiring clips, moments and experiences featuring the best-of-the-best in spas, travel destinations, health and fitness facilities, fun excursions, and wellness tips and guidance. From professionals in their own wellness and fitness categories, you’ll be a part of a virtual adventure receiving expert knowledge and fun wellness tips to achieve a life of well-being and happiness while traveling to extraordinary locales or in the comfort in your own home. This show will teach you week by week that you can be anywhere in the world taking care of your self while collecting “stamps” of freedom, wellness and self-empowerment through the reflections and experiences lived by Sara and shared with you—not only via TV, but through social networks, digital platforms, and adventures, retreats, and events you can be a part of. Get your Wellness Passport ready, because health, travel and fun adventures await you! — SQ (a.k.a. LFW) ***** {DEMO REEL} FORMAT // English, Spanish sub-titles Weekly Reality TV Show 26 Minute (short version), 8 segments 52 Minute (long version), 12 segments, 1 special promotion CREATED BY // Javier Olmedo: Producer, Videographer, talent javierolmedo.net jolmedor@me.com Facebook // Javier Olmedo (R90D) Instagram // @r90d.tv Sara Quiriconi: Co-creator, TV Host, Writer, Travel and Wellness Expert livefreewarrior.com livefreewarrior@gmail.com Facebook // Live Free Warrior (Sara Quiriconi) Instagram // @livefreewarrior YouTube // Live Free Warrior ***** FOR INTEREST IN MARKETING, PRESS INFO, SPONSORING, RELEASE, AND HOSTING, CONTACT // jolmedor@me.com livefreewarrior@gmail.com

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